First Congregational Church
(United Church of Christ)
Rev. Toby Jones, Pastor

101 State Street
Charlevoix, MI 49720

How to Recognize and Avoid Phishing Scams

How  to  Recognize  and  Avoid  Phishing  Scams

Some folks have recently reported receiving emails from the church asking for money or gift cards. The church will never contact you via email asking for money, gift cards, or personal financial information. If you ever receive an email that just doesn’t sound right the first thing you can do is verify the sending email address. In most instances of fraud, it will not be correct.
If you receive an email like this please do not respond, block the sender and delete the email. Click the link below for more information on how to recognize and avoid phishing scams.


*Please check the sender’s email address, if it does not say it was not from him and most likely spam. If it is spam, please block that sender.