First Congregational Church
(United Church of Christ)
Rev. Toby Jones, Pastor

101 State Street
Charlevoix, MI 49720

Family Devotional- Episode #5

  1. Read the Lord’s prayer as Jesus instructed us to say it in Matthew 6:9-13 from the New International Version (not one with “thee’s” and “thy’s”)
  2. Reread verse 10 – “your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” and ask your kids to imagine what they think God’s kingdom would be like here on earth. How would people treat each other? Would there be any hungry or poor people in God’s kingdom on earth? If so, how would people who were hungry or poor be taken care of?
  3. Remind them that when Jesus came to live on earth, he said that God’s kingdom would come in little bits at a time – like a mustard seed planted in the ground or a little bit of yeast mixed into some bread dough. So what are some little things we can do each day to help God’s kingdom to come and God’s will to be done on earth?
  4. Close by saying the Lord’s prayer together, being careful NOT to pause after the phrase “thy will be done,” so that you say, “thy will be done ON EARTH” all together.