First Congregational Church
(United Church of Christ)
Rev. Toby Jones, Pastor

101 State Street
Charlevoix, MI 49720

Committees and Boards


Christian Education


Church Council







Pastoral Relations



The name assumed by this Corporation and by which it shall be known in law is “The First Congregational United Church of Christ”, Charlevoix, Michigan.


The location of said church and its registered office shall be 101 State Street, Charlevoix, Michigan. The resident agent shall be the Moderator (President) of the church.


The time for which said Corporation shall be vested shall be in perpetuity.


The members of said church shall worship and labor together according to the faith and practices of the United Church of Christ.


The names of the incorporators as set forth in Article IV of the initial Articles of Association remain unchanged.


Upon dissolution of the church, its assets and all property and interests which it possesses, including any device, bequest, gift or grant contained in any will or other instrument, in trust or otherwise, made before or after such dissolution, shall be transferred to the Michigan Conference of the United Church of Christ.




The covenant by which this church exists as a distinct body and which every member accepts is as follows: “We are banded together as a Christian church to maintain the worship of God, to proclaim the Gospel of Christ, to develop in persons a consciousness of their relations and duties to God and their fellow human beings, and to inspire them with love for truth, passion for righteousness, and enthusiasm for service. To this end we pledge our loyalty to Christ and covenant with each other to strive to express His spirit in our individual and corporate lives; to live together as fellow Christians, and to submit ourselves to the government of this church, working, giving praying for its increase, its purity, its peace, and seeking in every way to make it a power for the building up of the Kingdom of God.”



A. Policy
The government of this church is vested in its members. It is subject to no other ecclesiastical body, but recognizes and sustains the obligation of mutual counsel and cooperation with other churches of the denomination through the fellowship of the Association, the Michigan Conference, and the General Synod of the United Church of Christ.

B. Doctrine
The church accepts the Scriptures as its authority in matters of faith and practice. Its understanding of the Christian truth as contained therein is in essential accord with the Statement of Faith approved by the Second General Synod of the United Church of Christ held in Oberlin, Ohio, July 5-9, 1959, and revised in 1976 by Robert Moss, Jr. as follows;


We believe in God, the Eternal Spirit, who is made known to us in Jesus our brother, and to his deeds we testify.

God calls the world into being, creates humankind in the divine image, and sets before us the ways of life and death.

God seeks in holy love to save all people from aimlessness and sin.

God judges all humanity and all nations by that will of righteousness declared through prophets and apostles.

In Jesus Christ, the man of Nazareth, our crucified and risen Lord, God has come to us and shared our common lot, conquering sin and earth, and reconciling the whole creation to its Creator.

God bestows upon us the Holy Spirit, creating and renewing the church of Jesus Christ, binding in covenant faithful people of all ages, tongues, and races.

God calls us into the Church
to accept the cost and joy of discipleship,
to be servants in the service of the whole human family,
to proclaim the gospel to all the world and resist the powers of evil,
to share in Christ’s baptism and eat at his table,
to join Him in His passion and victory.

God promises to all who trust in the Gospel
forgiveness of sins and fullness of grace,
courage in the struggle for justice and peace,
the presence of the Holy Spirit in trial and rejoicing, and
eternal life in that kingdom which has no end.

Blessing and honor, glory and power be unto God. Amen



A. Qualifications
Membership of this church shall consist of:
1. Baptized persons who give assent to the Covenant of the church
2. Those persons approved for membership by the Church Council
3. Those persons who have been publicly welcomed into the fellowship of
the church

B. Reception
1. Reception of members shall be at a Sunday worship service or at any
other time designated by the Church Council
2. Persons are received into membership by:
a. Baptism and Confession of Faith

b. Letter of Transfer from other Christian churches
3. New members shall receive instruction in the meaning of membership
by the Minister and Diaconate prior to induction.

C. Duties
1. Participate in the worship and work of the church
2. Support its local benevolences and general budget
3. Care for the well-being of each other as members of the church
4. Care for the well-being of others equally as God’s people
5. Voice and vote at all duly-called meetings of the Congregation to which \
they are entitled.

D. Categories
1. Regular Members: (See B. Reception, #2)
2. Associate Members: Those whose regular membership is in another
church and wish also to be related to this church
3. Inactive Members: Those who had been regular members, but who,
through non-participation in the life of the church and non-communication
with the church, have been declared inactive by the action of the Church
Council. Such action shall be taken only after sincere efforts have been
made over a period of two years to communicate with the member in an
attempt to renew the member’s interest in the life of the church.

E. Termination
Members may be terminated without Church Council vote by:
1. Letter of Transfer to another Christian church at the request of the member
2. Written request of the member that his or her name be dropped from


Officers, Boards and Committees (except Special Gifts and Memorial Fund Committee) are elected at the Annual Election Meeting in October

1. Moderator
2. Vice-Moderator
3. Clerk
4. Assistant Clerk
5. Treasurer
6. Financial Secretary
7. Assistant Financial Secretary
8. Memorial Fund and Special Gifts Treasurer

9. Church School Superintendent
10. Coordinator of Nursery
11. Church Council
12. Board of Trustees
13. Board of Christian Education
14. Board of Outreach
15. Diaconate Committee
16. Music Committee
17. Personnel Committee
18. Membership Committee
19. Nominating Committee
20. Special Gifts and Memorial Fund Committee
21. Ad Hoc Committee, Boards and officers as approved by Church Council
22. Coordinator of Ushers and Greeters
23. Librarian
24. Historian
25. Flower Coordinator
26. Pool of Delegates

1. Moderator
Purpose: To serve as the resident agent for the Articles of Incorporation

A. Term
1. Elected for two-year term

B. Duties
1. Preside over all business meetings of the church and Church
2. Serve the request of the Minister
3. Sign contracts on behalf of the church with the Chair of the Board
of Trustees
4. Appoint Pastoral Relations Committee in consultation with the

2. Vice-Moderator
Purpose: To assist in the duties of the Moderator and to stand in for the
Moderator when necessary

A. Term
1. Elected for one-year term
2. Eligible for re-election to a second one-year term only
3. Eligible to be nominated to the position of Moderator at the end
of his/her term

B. Duties
1. Same as “Purpose”

3. Church Clerk
Purpose: To keep accurate records of all memberships, baptisms,
marriages, deaths and business meetings of the church.
A. Term
1. One year

B. Duties
1. Record all new memberships, total memberships, baptisms,
marriages, deaths, and present to annual meeting of church in
2. Record all minutes at Church Council as well as Annual Meeting,
and any other called meetings of the church
3. Issue letters of transfer and recommendation for members as
voted on by Church Council

4. Assistant Clerk
Purpose: To assist the Clerk and serve in Clerk’s absence

Term: One year

5. Church Treasurer
Purpose: To be custodian of general funds of the church and disperse
church funds in accordance with the procedures established
by the Board of Trustees

A. Term: One year

B. Duties
1. Receive all funds entrusted to the Treasurer’s care
2. Keep an account of receipts and dispersed funds with vouchers
for expenditures which shall be submitted for review by the
Board of Trustees at the close of the year
3. Serve as ex officio member of the Board of Trustees
4. Provide monthly financial reports to both the Church Council and the Board of Trustees

C. Confidentiality
1. Knowledge regarding donor financials (i.e. who donates and how
much) shall be limited to the following people: Financial
Secretary, Treasurer, Chair of Trustees, Stewardship Chairperson
(if one is appointed by Board of Trustees), Minister

2. A pledge to fulfill the duties of the above offices at the annual
election meeting,( see Article IX, #2) carries with it the implicit
acceptance of discretion and confidentiality.

D. Assistant Treasurer
1. An Assistant Treasurer may be appointed from time to time by
Church Council. The Assistant Treasurer shall assist the
Treasurer in the duties of that office and take the place of that
official when necessary.

6. Financial Secretary
Purpose: To assist the Treasurer

A. Term: One year

B. Duties
1. To receive all offerings, special collections, and payments for
deposit in the bank and give a copy of deposit slip to Treasurer
2. Keep accurate records of all identifiable contributions
3. Furnish each contributor with a personal quarterly report

7. Assistant Financial Secretary
Purpose: To assist the Financial Secretary in collecting and counting the
weekly church collection

A. Term: One year

B. Duties: Same as “Purpose”

8. Special Gifts and Memorials Treasurer
Purpose: To receive, bank, acknowledge and keep a record of all
contributions given to Memorial and Special Gifts funds

A. Term: One year

B. Duties
1. Keep accurate records of all contributions the funds
2. Send an acknowledgement of the gift to the donor, and notify
the person/family in whose name the gift was given
3. Ensure that the funds spent are in accordance with the Special
Gifts and Memorials Policy as adopted or amended by the Church

9. Church School Superintendent
Purpose: To oversee the Sunday Church School
A. Term
1. Recommended annually by the Board of Christian Education to
the Nominating Committee
2. Begin term on September 1, and continue through August 31 of
the following year

B. Duties
See “Purpose”

10. Coordinator of Nursery
Purpose: To care for nursery needs as necessary

A. Term
1. Recommended annually by the Board of Christian Education
to the Nominating Committee
2. Term shall begin on September 1 and continue through August 31
of the following year

B. Duties
1. Assist the Church School Superintendent
2. Take the place of that officer when necessary

11. Church Council
Purpose: To serve as the governing body of the Church

A. Membership
1. Minister, Moderator, Vice Moderator, Church School
Superintendent, Treasurer, Clerk, Chairpersons of the Boards and

B. Duties
1. Meet monthly to conduct the general business of the church

12. Board of Trustees
Purpose: To manage and safeguard the funds and the property of the

A. Terms and members 1. Five to seven members
2. The Church Treasurer will serve as an ex officio member 3. Three-year terms
4. Staggered terms; no more than three to serve concurrently
5. Eligible for re-election to a second term of three years, but not a
third term until after a lapse of one year.

B. Duties
2. Exercise general oversight of the business affairs of the
church, including maintenance and repair of the church property
3. Manage and safeguard the funds of the church, including the
authorization of routines for approval and payment of bills and
4. Make all decisions concerning money matters of the church in
coordination with the Church Treasurer
5. Approve all fundraising activities of the church
6. Prepare an annual budget in conjunction with the Church
Council and the Church Treasurer to be presented at the Annual
Meeting in January for approval
7. Appoint an auditor to assist in financial oversight.
8. Coordinate with the Treasurer of Special Gifts & Memorials
Treasurer on planned expenditures over $500
9. Approve capital expenditure vouchers for over $500; such
vouchers require the signatures of the Treasurer and a Trustee

13. Board of Christian Education
Purpose: To develop a spiritual awareness for the children, youth and
adults through biblical education in a church Sunday School
setting and through various programs throughout the year

A. Terms and Members
1. Five to seven members
2. Two-year, staggered terms
3. Sunday School teachers may sit on the Board with a voice, but
without a vote
4. The Sunday School Superintendent will serve as an ex officio
member of the Board

B. Duties
1. Plan Vacation Bible School with the Sunday School teachers
2. Plan Confirmation program for Youth in conjunction with the
3. Plan Youth programs
4. Organize and develop special events such as Advent workshops,
family nights, and seasonal programs.
5. Prepare a yearly budget to be approved by the Board of Trustees

14. Board of Outreach
Purpose: To promote interest and participation in systematic giving to
mission and charities

A. Terms and Members
1. Five to seven members

2. 1/3 to be elected at each annual election meeting
3. Three-year terms
4. Eligible for re-election to a second term of three years, but not a
third term until after a lapse of one year.

B. Duties
1. Educate church membership of opportunities for service in the
local community, in our country, and internationally
2. Submit an annual budget of outreach and missions to the Board of
3. Promote active participation in ministry opportunities
4. Support four annual denominational offerings; One Great Hour of
Sharing, Neighbors in Need, Strengthen the Church, Christmas
Fund Offering

15. Diaconate Committee
Purpose: To look after the spiritual life and worship services of the

A. Terms and members
1. 12 deacons, preferably an equal number of males and females
2. 1/3 of members are elected at each Annual Meeting to three-year
3. Eligible for reelection to a second term of three years but not a
third term until after a lapse of one year

B. Duties
1. Provide materials for the Sacraments
2. Assist the Minister in administering the Sacraments to the
3. Assist the Minister in baptisms at his request
4. Secure supply for the pulpit in the Minister’s absence
5. Assist the Minister as requested with instruction of new members
6. Prepare and submit an annual budget to the Board of Trustees

16. Music Committee
Purpose: To provide general oversight of the choirs and music of the

A. Terms and members
1. Two-year, staggered terms
2. Five to seven members
3. Selection of members to be a good representation of the
4. All music staff and the Minister will be ex officio members

B. Duties
1. Meet as necessary for planning purposes and to conduct such
business as required for the maintaining of a quality music
2. Elect a Chair who will preside at all meetings of the committee
3. Elect a Vice Chair to serve in the absence of the Chair
4. Elect a Secretary who will take the minutes at each meeting and
see they are distributed to all the members prior to the next
5. Appoint a representative to the Church Council to facilitate the
exchange of information and participate in the governing of the
6. Assist Personnel Committee with music staff contracts. The
Music Committee will also be involved in the evaluation, selection, or dismissal of any music staff.
7. Provide a proposed budget for the next fiscal year to the Board
of Trustees
8. Receive approval from the Board of Trustees before any
expenditure of the general church funds over and above the approved Music budget

1 7. Personnel Committee
Purpose: To serve as a liaison between the Minister, Staff and the
congregation. To review job performance and satisfaction
and aid in filling staff vacancies as requested by the Minister
or Church Council

A. Terms and members
1. Two-year, staggered terms
2. Five to seven members
3. Eligibility to be reelected only once in succession

B. Duties
1. Make recommendations regarding staff salary considerations
and other matters, to the specific body (Diaconate, Trustees,
Music Committee, etc.) under whose jurisdiction such matters
may fall
2. Review job performance with Minister and Staff on a
yearly basis
3. Interview regularly the Minister and Staff concerning job
4. Work with other Boards or Committees concerning personnel
matters that fall under their jurisdiction with Staff or Minister
5. Investigate and interview new candidates for vacancies on
church staff as requested by Minister and/or Church Council

18. Membership Committee
Purpose: To create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere to encourage
people to be a part of our church life. To help new members to
be integrated into the functions of our church

A. Terms and members
1. Two-year, staggered terms
2. Five to six members

B. Duties
1. Elect a Chairperson at first meeting of the year
2. Work with Diaconate to solicit new members and guide them
through the necessary process to become members of the church
3. Develop materials for welcoming visitors and introducing them
to the various programs of the church
4. Provide activities that will promote the integration of new
members into the life of the church
5. Keep all membership information updated
6. Work with the Minister and all Committees and Boards to make
people feel welcome and wanted

19. Nominating Committee
Purpose: To find persons among the membership who will serve the
church in the Offices, Committees, Boards where there will
be vacancies the following year

A. Terms and members
1. Five to seven people
2. Three-year, staggered terms

B. Duties
1. Find a slate of nominees to fill the vacancies of the Boards,
Committees, Offices of the church and present to Church
Council in September for approval
2. Present the slate in the church bulletin no later than the Sunday
preceding the Annual Election Meeting
3. Present the slate of names to the membership of the church at the
Annual Election Meeting
4. Call for additional nominees from the floor at the Annual Election

20. Special Gifts and Memorial Fund Committee
Purpose: To receive, bank, acknowledge, and keep records of all
contributions given as Memorials or Special Gifts

A. Terms and members
1. Four to five members appointed by Trustees or Church Council
2. Chair person to be elected at first meeting.

B. Duties
1. Keep accurate records of all Special Gift or Memorial
2. Acknowledge these gifts on behalf of the church to the giver
3. Ensure that the funds spent are in accordance with Special Gifts
and Memorials Policy as adopted or amended by Church Council
4. Report to and seek approval of Trustees regarding expenditures of
funds as spelled out by Special Gifts and Memorials Policy
5. Report to Council twice a year or as necessary to keep leadership
informed of the Committee’s activity
6. Meet as necessary to conduct business

21. Ad Hoc Committees
Ad Hoc Committees may be created by the Church Council for special
finite projects. Should any Ad Hoc Committee require a budget, it shall
be established by the Council and approved by the Board of Trustees
at the time the Committee is appointed. When the mandate or mission of
any committee is completed, it shall be dissolved by a vote of the
Church Council.

22. A Coordinator of Ushers and Greeters shall be elected at each Annual
Election Meeting. It shall be the Coordinator’s duty to recruit and train
two people for each Sunday worship service who will serve as both
ushers and greeters.

23. A Librarian shall be elected at each Annual Election Meeting. It shall be the
Librarian’s responsibility to keep the church library in good order, to order
books, and to promote use of the library among the church congregation.

24. An Historian shall be elected at each Annual Election Meeting. It shall be
the Historian’s responsibility to keep the historical records of the church and
to make them available upon request.

25. A Flower Coordinator shall be elected at each Annual Election Meeting. It
shall be the Coordinator’s responsibility to solicit donations of flowers for
each Sunday worship service and for other special worship occasions.

26. A Pool of Delegates, five to seven in number, which may include a youth
delegate, shall be elected at each Annual Election Meeting. Delegates to
attend such meetings as Association meetings and the Conference Annual
Meeting shall be drawn from the Pool of Delegates.


Purpose: The Minister is charged with the spiritual welfare of the church and administration of the activities of the congregation in
cooperation with the various elected and appointed Boards and

A. Term
1. The Minister is called or dismissed by a majority vote of
the members of the church present at a meeting called for
that purpose in accordance with Article X.
2. The call is for an indefinite period.
3. The relation between Minister and people may be dissolved
by either the Minister or the church giving three months
4. Details of the Minister’s call agreement, job description,
and evaluation shall be the responsibility of the Personnel

B. Duties
1. Preach the Gospel
2. Administer the Sacraments
3. Oversee all services for public worship
4. Provide pastoral care to the members of the congregation
5. Serve as ex-officio member of all church Boards and
6. Provide oversight to church staff
7. Represent the church faithfully to the greater Charlevoix

Christian Education Director or Youth Director
Purpose: To create and direct the implementation of educational,
spiritual, and social activities for children and youth

A. Duties (To be adjusted according to Part Time or Full Time)
1. Develop and lead regular mid-high and senior youth group
2. Work with Board of Christian Education to plan activities
and programs for children
3. Attend all Christian Education meetings and at least four
Church Council meetings yearly to keep leadership of church
informed of youth activities
4. Work with local Ministerial Association to develop Community
Vacation Bible School
5. Work with Minister as requested

Minister/Director of Music
Purpose: To serve the church by developing, coordinating, and
administrating an effective and well-rounded music
program and providing leadership to and supervision of
staff members and volunteers involved in the ministry

A. Duties
1. Work closely with the Minister regarding themes of each
worship service, special programs, selection of hymns, and
choral music
2. Recruit, audition, and direct adult choir and bells ministry
3. Train choir and bell members, coordinate with the organist
and special musicians and procure substitute organists as
4. Consult with sound technicians and work with other staff
members in producing quality sound
5. Select and purchase music, worship and music resources, services
of outside instrumentalists, musical instruments and equipment
6. Supervise the maintenance of musical instruments
7. Attend and serve as ex officio member of the music committee
8. Assist Music Committee in preparing an annual budget
9. Ensure copyright compliance by the church
10. Attend at least four Church Council meetings a year to keep
leadership of church informed of music activities

Purpose: To oversee and perform routine maintenance of church
buildings, grounds and vehicles

A. Duties
1. Grounds: Fertilization, mulching, mowing, watering, sprinkler
system repair, fall raking and pickup duties, winter snow shoveling as needed, ice removal from walks and steps, either by salt or
scraping as needed.

2. Building
a. Exterior: alarm system response, window cleaning, storm
windows off/on seasonally, paint touch up as needed, furnace
care, lights, electrical, furnace filters replacement, computer
monitoring of heating system
b. Interior: order supplies for cleaning and paper goods, furniture
and table setups for special events as needed for rehearsal of
outside music groups, potlucks, dinners, fundraisers, etc.

c. Floors: Tile mopping and waxing for four bathrooms, kitchen
and rear stairwells, carpet vacuuming upstairs and down as
needed for Sanctuary weekly before the service and for special
events as needed
d. Routine Cleaning: Kitchen, Ransom Hall, furniture, plant
watering, bathrooms, toilets, sinks, mirrors, floors, soap
dispensers, odor control, personal products, paper and towel
machines, trash removal via bagged refuse or recycling as
needed, dusting of all furniture and window sills, cleaning
of glass partition in balcony

3. Routine maintenance and up keep of church vehicles and
custodial maintenance of equipment

Administrative Assistant
Purpose: To serve as the Minister’s secretary, facilitate the day- to-
day operations of the church office, and assist the church
Treasurer in the weekly accounts payable transactions

A. Duties
1. Function as receptionist in church office
2. Prepare weekly worship bulletins, funeral/wedding bulletins
3. Maintain church files
4. Handle weekly accounts payable transactions under the guidance
of the church Treasurer
5. Perform other tasks as requested by individuals, Board and
Committees with approval of the Minister



1. When any member of Boards or Committees listed in Article IV is absent for
three consecutive meetings without being excused, their positions may be
considered vacant by the Chair of the committee.

2. Should any members of Boards or Committees listed in Article IV choose to
resign, such resignations may be acted upon by Church Council.

3. Vacancies in any of the Offices, Boards or Committees named in Article IV
may be filled by the Church Council and serve until the regular election at the
Annual Election Meeting.

4. Youth members of the church may serve on any church Board or Committee for a one-year term at the discretion of the Church Council.



The United Church of Christ celebrates two (2) sacraments: The Lord’s Supper (Holy Communion) and Baptism.

1. The Lord’s Supper shall be celebrated at least four times a year. It is prepared
and served by the Diaconate to all who to wish receive communion. The
elements are served to the congregation either in the pews or by intinction..

2. Baptism of infants and children shall be arranged with the Minister and the
Diaconate. Membership of the parents of children to be baptized is encour-
aged, but is not a requirement. Adults who have not already been baptized
will be baptized at the time of joining the church or upon request and study
with the Minister. Baptism is an act and promise of the entire faith community; therefore, private baptism is discouraged.



The church may provide for any auxiliary organizations that may be deemed
advisable for the purpose of worship, instruction, recreation, administration, etc. All such organizations shall be regarded as integral parts of the church and shall
report to the Church Counci as required.



1. Annual Financial and Program Report Meetings shall be held during the
month of January for the purpose of receiving and approving the financial
reports from the previous year (the church year, for all purposed, being January
1st through December 31st of the same year); adopting a budget for the
current fiscal year; receiving the work of the various Offices, Boards,
Committees and organizations in the church, and to do other business
outlined in the meeting call.

2. Annual Election Meeting shall be held during the month of October for
the purpose of electing Officers, Board and Committee members for the

for the following calendar year, and to do other business specifically outlined
in the meeting call.

3. Notice of any Congregational Meeting, specifying the time, place and object
thereof, shall be read from the pulpit on the two successive Sundays preceding
such meeting on which services shall be held; provided, however, that in the
case it is proposed to amend the Articles of Association, the proposed amend-
ment shall be read from the pulpit on the three successive Sundays immediately
preceding such meeting on which services shall be held; and the proposed
amendment shall not itself be amended in any material point in the same

4. Special Meetings shall be called in the manner specified above for the calling
of either Annual Meeting upon the request of the Minister, of the Church
Council, or by written application of any twelve qualified members.

5. All Regular and Special Meetings shall ordinarily be conducted in
accordance with Roberts Rules of Order.



Qualified voters equal in number to ten percent (10%) of the active membership
of the church shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the church. A simple
majority of the appointed membership of a Board or Committee shall constitute
its quorum.



These Articles of Association and By Laws may be amended by two thirds (2/3) vote of the qualified members present and voting at any annual Meeting of the church or at a meeting called for that purpose, the proper notice having been given as required by Article IX.

Updated with all amendments incorporated: September 30, 1982; September, 1985; September, 1986; September, 1990; September, 1992; June 13, 1993; October 16, 1994; January, 2006; ___________2011.