First Congregational Church
(United Church of Christ)
Neil H. Wilson, Pastor

101 State Street
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Are you a lover of music… and of summer?  If you answered yes to this question… then you are gonna LOVE this picnic!

Please join us as we celebrate to great blessings (summer AND music)

WHEN:  Sunday August 27, 2017 at 1:00


WHO:  All: Music Makers; Friends; and Fans!


WHAT:  Food, Fun, and shenanigans!


BRING: Plates and utensils; Favorite beverages;

              A Salad; side dish; or desert; A cheery attitude!


WHERE: Ferry Beach Pavilion #2


PHONE:  Roger 231-838-0247





Lisa K. Dixon Scholarship Fund ~ SILENT AUCTION

The Art of Jan Glass

Prints are available to view Monday through Thursday 10 a.m. ~ 2 p.m.

at First Congregational Church, 101 State Street, please use Park Avenue entrance.



Jan Glass to Offer Prints For Auction

Local Charlevoix artist Jan Glass gave up painting several years ago but her love for art and children is finding a new outlet in philanthropy. Glass, who is known for her floral watercolor paintings of nature, especially wildflowers, has decided to contribute several prints and original paintings to the Lisa K. Dixon Scholarship Fund, a fund benefiting the Youth of Charlevoix Schools. Lisa, daughter of John and Sue Dixon of Charlevoix, who died suddenly and tragically from spinal meningitis in March of 1987 at age 14, is remembered by her family, friends and community through this scholarship fund which was established that same year.  From its inception many scholarships have been awarded to date benefiting youth for art, science and other classes and camp experiences such as Camp Daggett and Camp Quality, as well as assistance for Washington D.C. School sponsored trips.  Applications for scholarships are required to be completed and then they are reviewed by the Church Outreach Committee before scholarships are given.  Glass’ participation in this fund fulfills her desire to continue helping children.

A teacher, as well as an artist, Glass  taught at both the elementary and High School levels during her educational career in Warren and Hudsonville MI, as well as in Charlevoix. She also taught classes and workshops at Crooked Tree Arts Center in Petoskey, several summers at Bay View and at the Charlevoix Community Reformed Church. “There’s just something about connecting with a child or an adult that has never done something and then discovers he/she loves it,” she said. “My joy of teaching comes from helping others understand and appreciate art.” Her artwork started with a sketchbook and pens, Christmas gifts from her husband Dale and her son Craig. She never stopped sketching and subsequently painting the things she had noticed but had never really seen in the world around her.

“I had more prints than I knew what do with,” she said. “Sales of artwork were declining after the market fall of 2007; I first turned to drawing, then clay.” At one point there was a plan to collaborate, with a botanist friend, in publishing an illustrated book of wildflowers done in ink and watercolors with annotated identifications. But she found it difficult to find a publisher who was willing to invest in a full color project of this magnitude.

Her love of producing watercolors is no longer an option due to a reaction she suffers when wetting the paper in preparation for painting. Now Glass finds pleasure in the medium of clay. Her talent takes form in detailed clay sculptures and multi-colored ornamental beads.  She has continued her teaching by bringing the art of beadwork to the residents of American House. Glass attended Central Michigan University where she met her late husband, Dale. She currently lives in the Glass’ family home in Charlevoix surrounded by framed paintings of her work inside, and outside by flower gardens spilling over with the variety and color so familiar in her paintings.

 “I had given a friend a pick of several of my prints and was planning to gift more,” said Glass whose work has been sold over the years by commission and at Crooked Tree Gallery at the McCune Art Center.  Joanne Curtis, heard about my gifting plans and suggested that an auction might be held at the First Charlevoix Congregational Church as a scholarship fundraiser,” she said. The Dixons are long time members of that church. “My only stipulation was that the proceeds had to be channeled locally, and to children.” Glass graciously accepted the auction proposition offered by the Congregational Church as a vehicle for her wishes of supporting local children with her art.

“It is very exciting to have the enthusiasm of so many surrounding this event, keeping Jan’s wonderful art alive, and giving such wonderful support to our youth through this Scholarship Fund”, said Joanne. “I was thrilled to have Jan take the time to visit with me, be an integral part of the planning and to be so gracious and generous”.

The silent auction of works by Jan Glass will be held at the First Congregational Church, UCC located in Charlevoix at 101 State Street, for one month: August 1st through the 31st or until all the prints are sold.  All proceeds will be directed to the Lisa K Dixon Scholarship Fund, hours have been designated as 10 am -2 pm, Monday through Thursday each week, using the Park Avenue entrance to the Church.  The value of each print is $50.00 with minimum bids beginning at $35.00 and a bid-to-take price set at $70.00.  Cash and check payments will be accepted.  There are six prints, multiple copies of each print, all of which are originally signed. Marell Staffel at “Picture This” is helping in many ways to make this event successful along with Pastor Neil Wilson and staff.

In addition to the auction, the Church also sponsors a returnable bottle and can collection, proceeds directed to Lisa’s Scholarship fund. There is a collection area located off the Park Street entrance lobby.  Contributions are always welcome (501c3) and checks may be sent payable to the First Congregational Church, UCC with “Lisa K. Dixon Scholarship Fund” noted in the memo section.  If you have questions or would like additional information please call the Church at 231-547-9122 and ask for Pastor Wilson.




This concert NEVER disappoints!




Charlevoix County Baby Diaper Pantry.  

This is a Community program, several individuals and groups are supporting this ministry.  The Baby Diaper Pantry is being housed at First Congregational Church of Charlevoix at 101 State Street.  Please use the Park Street entrance.  THE CHURCH WITH THE PURPLE DOORS.  Please tell your friends and family about this program.  We want to assist as many that are in need of baby diapers as possible.

Summer 2017:  

2nd Monday of Month ~ 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.,                              

2nd Thursday of Month ~ 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.