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Downloading the Zoom App on a Computer & How to Join a Meeting

Downloading the Zoom App on a Computer

Before starting! Make sure to have a functioning computer with working audio (and ideally video)

  1. To access the download link, visit 
  2. Click on the “Download” button under “Zoom Client for Meetings” and follow your computer’s instructions for installing the app.
  3.  Once installed, open to launch the Zoom app and a dialogue box will appear
  4.  Clink on “Sign Up Free” to create your account



Creating a Zoom Account 

  1. When you go to, clink the “sign up it’s free” button on the far right of the top bar 


2. It will take you to this screen, where you enter in your email address and then click “sign up” 


3. You will then get this message on your screen and will need to open your email mailbox in another tab of the browser. 

4. You will see this email from Zoom in your inbox. Click “activate account” and it will take you back to Zoom to complete the process. 

5. This is what the screen will look like when you are taken back to Zoom. Please fill in all information with an arrow. 

7. Next it will take you to this screen, you DO NOT have to invite people. You can click to confirm that you are “not a robot” and then you can skip the step. 

8. A question like this will appear. There are other accessible ways at the bottom, click on the headphones for a listening test instead.

9. Congratulations, you have created your own Zoom account! 

How to Join a Zoom Meeting 

  1. When someone has invited you to a zoom meeting via email, you will get instructions with a link to the meeting. If you clink on that link, or call into that phone number, it will automatically bring you to that Zoom meeting via your account. If for any reason that is not working, you can join a call from your Zoom homepage. 

2. As noted above, you will get the meeting ID in the email, you can put that in here. (see arrow above) Most meetings will also have a password. Please enter the password to gain access to the meeting. If you are dialing via phone, you will enter this on your telephones keypad.