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Faith After Doubt- A 40-Day Book Study

Lent Book Study- Week 6

           Week 6 – Faith After Doubt Study Guide – Wednesday, 3/24/21   It has been a long and intense journey through FAD, and I want to thank each and every one of you for taking it with me. While our final session will include discussing sections of the reading as we usually do, let’s be sure to spend at… Read More »

Lent Book Study- Week 5 Study Guide

        Week Five – Faith After Doubt Study Guide – Wednesday, 3/17/21 via Zoom On pages 159-185, we begin to get a better handle on Harmony and what faith looks like in Stage 4. We also get some of the most practical instructions in the book about what a Stage 4 church looks like. React to the first two full… Read More »

Lent Book Study- Week Four Study Guide

       Week 4 – Faith After Doubt Study Guide for Wednesday, 3/10/21   What were your overall takeaways from this week’s reading? What from these pages really stayed with you and why?   What were the most compelling passages for you in pages 131-158?   Did you relate to Brian’s friend Charis? (see pages 132-137)             –    What seem to… Read More »

Lent Book Study: Week Three Study Guide- Wednesday, March 3rd at 7pm via Zoom

Week Three – Faith After Doubt Study Guide for Wednesday, 3/3/21 (103-128) Reminder – this week is a deviation from looking at the stages of faith McLaren is laying out. In Ch. 9 we wrestle with “A Human Problem” Ch 9 – Begin by wrestling with the quotation from C.S. Lewis on the top of Pg 107: “Those most willing… Read More »

Week Two Study Guide- Wednesday 02/24 at 7:00 pm

       Week Two – Faith After Doubt Study Guide for Wednesday, 2/24/21 Our overall focus this week is to come to a thorough understanding of what McLaren means by “Perplexity” – Stage 3 faith. Keep that central as you prepare. Begin by thinking about the kinds of experiences that would lead one OUT of Stage 2 – Complexity              –… Read More »

Faith After Doubt Book Study Outline

                                      Faith After Doubt Lenten Book Study Proposed Dates – 6 Wednesday Nights from 2/17 through 3/24 Week by Week Topics & Focal Points 2/17 – The Descent into Doubt – pgs. vi-55              – Understanding the 1st Two Stages of Faith: Simplicity & Complexity             2/24 – All in Doubt – pgs. 58-102                         – Understanding the 3rd… Read More »

Week One- Faith After Doubt Study Guide (Wednesday, 02-17-2021 7pm-8:30pm)

Week One – Faith After Doubt Study Guide for Wednesday, 2/17/21– 7-8:30 pm Writing Exercise – Before class spend some time writing about the following:              – What is one doctrine or belief you grew up being taught (and perhaps                 believing) but you can’t say you believe it anymore?               – How has it felt to have that… Read More »

Faith After Doubt- An Invitation to a 40-Day Book Study

An Invitation to a 40-Day Book Study   February 17 – March 23 The Book – Faith After Doubt: Why Your Beliefs Stopped Working and What to Do About it by Brian McLaren Target Audience – According to the inside cover of the book, “Faith After Doubt is for the millions of people around the world who feel that their faith… Read More »