First Congregational Church
(United Church of Christ)
Rev. Toby Jones, Pastor

101 State Street
Charlevoix, MI 49720


Gospel Transparency

~ Sermon ~ June 25th, 2017 ~ Pastor Neil Wilson Gospel Transparency Matthew 10:1, 5-7, 24-33 I have a task for each of you today. The instructions are simple. Following this morning’s service and the coffee hour I am sending you out to your neighborhoods. I want you to start with those who are struggling, confused the lost if you… Read More »

Family Values?

~ Sermon ~ Sunday, June 18, 2017 ~ Pastor Neil Wilson ~ Family Values? Matthew 10:24-39 Jerome Jordan stepped to the lectern of the Old First Church on the Common and thumbed through the heavy pages of the massive pulpit Bible. The Bible overhangs the sides of the lectern by a good 3-4 inches on each side.  Interestingly, while Jerome… Read More »

The Challenge of the Trinity

~ Sermon ~ Sunday, June 11th, 2017 ~ Pastor Neil Wilson The Challenge of the Trinity Matthew 28:16-20 Trinity Sunday, along with Transfiguration Sunday, is one of the trickier dates on which to preach.  It may require as much spiritual and intellectual bending and contortions as Hugh Hansen’s Tai Chi from last Sunday. (Thanks you Hugh!)  While there has been… Read More »

Stay Bendy, My Friends

~ Guest Sermon ~ Sunday, June 4th, 2017 ~ Hugh Hansen Oh, to be bendy again! Well, they say time passes more quickly as we get older, so I must have aged plenty because there were 18 months between my first two talks and seems like only 6 since the last one. I want to talk about another couple of… Read More »

Don’t Look Up, Look Out!

Sermon ~ Sunday, May 28th, 2017 ~ Pastor Neil Wilson Don’t Look Up, Look Out! Acts 1:6-14 There are many themes running through the readings: there is a reference to spiritual unity in the Acts passage and Christ’s prayer that his followers be one or look at Peter’s letter and explore questions such as: Does Christian persecution happen in our… Read More »